4 Weeks Out, Struggling to Lose Weight After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 weeks ago, from 38DDD+ to 38C. I've done Weight Watchers since 2 months before surgery, and am continuing. I resumed walking 3 days after surgery, increased distance & speed. I was cleared to resume my normal workout schedule, easing in w/ weightlifting. In the last month, I've followed strict plan of working out & eating (drink 100oz H2O, low sodium), and have managed to gain 4 lbs. Is this normal, am I retaining water? I am 7 lbs. over healthy BMI range.

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Weight gain after breast reduction surgery

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It is completely normal to weigh more after surgery, even if a few pounds were removed.  This weight increase is especially notable in the first week after surgery, but may persist for a number of weeks.  Initially there is water retention and slowing of the bowels. Also during the healing phase one's normal activity is reduced and you are not able to exercise in the same way. Continue with your exercise routine slowly increasing activity and frequency and maintain your Weight Watchers program. If you stay focused you will most likely reach your target weight in a reasonable period of time. Enjoy your new figure!

Breast Reduction and Subsequent

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Congratulations on your recent breast reduction surgery; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform. Good job also with your ongoing diet and exercise program.

At this point, if I were you, I would not be too concerned about your specific weight. Your weight is undoubtedly higher given your  inactivity in the past 4 weeks as well as fluid shift issues around the time of surgery.

I would suggest that you continue with the diet and exercise program.  If you hit a plateau seek consultation with dietitians and/or personal trainers.  Sometimes, changing the routine can help people break out of the plateau.

Best wishes.

Surgery and exercise

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Patients often worry that they can not lose weight just after surgery.   Often this is due to lack of activity, water retention, and poor diet.  Inyour cae, it is probalby retained water from surgery. Give your body 4-6 months to stabilize.

Diet, Exercise, and Surgery

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Congratulations on the diet and exercise program as well as your recent breast reduction surgery. It sounds like you're on the right path. Given that the body can fluctuate +/- 2 pounds throughout the day, your recent surgery, and the fact that weight-loss plateaus seem to increase as you near your targeted BMI, it all sounds perfectly normal.

Don't be afraid to ask you plastic surgeon these same questions and definitely consider bringing in the additional expertise of a personal trainer and/or nutritionist to see what they recommend to continue and progress your success.

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