8 Weeks and Left Still Hasn't Dropped, Will It?

Hi, I had 275 silicone implants 8 weeks ago. They were both the same height right after surgery. My left had more bruising and was my larger natural breast(I was 34a pr op) and the crease was the lower of the 2. My right has since completely settled, but my left is still higher(and now has the higher crease). Just wondering if my left will continue to drop? I was not instructed to do any massage. My right looks completely natural, but my left is still not quite there.

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How long for both implants to settle into appropriate position.

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Breast implants take time after surgery to "settle" into the appropriate position.  This can be several weeks to a months.  Frequently, one breast will settle faster than the other.  It is too early to make a determination at 8 weeks, but you should contact your plastic surgeon, and he/she may be able to give you some tips to help with progression.

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Breast Enhancement

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I tell patients it takes about 3 months for the muscles to really relax which is what holds the implant up, if by 6 months it has not come down I consider revision surgery

Asymmetry 8 weeks after breast augmenation

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After breast augmentation, it can sometimes take 3-6 months for both of your implants to "settle". And one often settles before the other. I would continue massaging each implant on a daily basis and keep all your appointments with your board certified plastic surgeon.

I hope that helps and wish you all the best.

Breast augmentation

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Each breast may respond a bit differently to the implants and therefore, may "settle" a bit differently.  You give it  at least 4-6 months.

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Breast Implant Asymmetry 8 Weeks after Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

At 8 weeks after surgery it is very likely that you have not seen the final results of the breast augmentation procedure. Breast implants may continue to “settle” for several additional months.  I would suggest that you continue to follow up closely with your plastic surgeon to rule out complications and/or causes of breast implant  failure to descend ( such as encapsulation).

Best wishes.

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