I'm a Male With Natural 38C Breasts, Can I Go Much Bigger? (photo)

ok im 30 im from pa im a male ive been told i look female my whote life im 206lbs i have natural 38c breasts now no hormones or anykinda drug i would love to be bigger i have sean on some wesite there are 1200cc and larger implants can tis be done to a male the profile pic is the real me

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Male breasts

Okay, you are a male with female breasts. The breasts themselves are larger than those most women have and even look nicer than those on most women. I think for starters, you need to figure out why it is that you have feminine breast, before you decide on what you plan to do surgically. You should have an endocrine work up to see if you have some severe hormonal imbalance or some other reason this has occurred. That should be your first priority . then you willbe in a position to decide what it is that needs to be done . Also, a psychological evaluation should be done. I would be surprised if you could find a plastic surgeon willing to put implants in you until there are some answers to some very basic questions.

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Male 38C wants larger breasts

The possibility of going larger exist, however without an actual physical examination it would be very hard to know how much larger the person could be made.  According to the patient 38 C is an actual size it possibly can go up to double D but that still would have to be determined at the time of the physical examination in order to decide what size implant could be placed in the patient.

Max breast aug size

Based upon how stretched you skin appears, I do not think that you could tolerate/handle much larger breasts or implants.

Male Bigger Breasts?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

It is difficult to give you precise advice without direct examination and more information about your specific situation and goals.. However, based on your pictures and experience I think you will be able to achieve larger breasts. Exactly what breast implant size/profile will be necessary to do so will depend on exactly what your goals are.

I would suggest that you meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience with similar patients.  You may also find the attached link helpful.

Best wishes.

Male with 38C breasts wants to go bigger.

You look neither male nor 206 pounds in the provided photo. If you are male to female transgender and have not taken female hormones or suppressed testosterone, you are lucky to have such youthful, attractive, and full breasts (and no chest hair).

Irrespective of your gender identification, the breasts you show in your photograph cannot be enlarged by much at all, as the cleavage is close, the skin is already full, and the breast-to-waist ratio is large. You could likely add no more than 250cc per side, if even that. 1200cc is achievable only with significantly overfilled saline implants or tissue expanders, since the largest silicone or saline implants are 800cc with the saline allowing some overfill (but not to 1200cc).

Any surgeon who agrees to operate with these stated goals is not doing anything good for you. And this advice has nothing to do with gender, but with simple anatomic limitations. 1200cc would add approximately 4-5 cup sizes to your present breast volume. That is clearly impossible without harming you. Best wishes!

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Male breast Implants can be massive

Male breast implants are not the most common of procedures done by most plastic surgeons.  Since males tend to have wider and heavier frames, the implants they can carry are much larger then the standard females.  Saline implants above 1200-1500 cc are common in males who desire that look and have the frame to support it.  Hope that helps.


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I'm a Male With Natural 38C Breasts, Can I Go Much Bigger?

Without any type of hormones, I'm surprised that you have such large breasts being a male. I agree that you should see an endocrinologist and figure out why you have developed breast tissue. This may be caused by hormonal tumors that are secreting abnormally high levels of hormones. Good luck.

Can be possible but consider your health first

It’s possible to have anything done, but a reputable plastic surgeon will first consider your health. You'll be examined to make sure you’re healthy before any surgery can be considered.

If you’re deemed healthy, then breast augmentation can be performed. However, because 1200cc is rather larger and you’re already quite ample, there is a much higher risk of developing complications.  

Large male breast enlargment

It is a very interesting case. I would suggest to follow Dr Edelson advice to start with about the diagnosis of your feminine look. For what concerns your breast size I had very good experiences with serial augmentation for patients aiming to very large sizes. This means that you will need two or tree procedures to reach your ideal/maximum size. The result is very natural because the skin can expand slowly and without stretch marks. You should consider very seriously how important it is for you to have a natural look: very large implants are often visible and/or palpable. This is the main issue to resolve before planning any augmentation and you definitely need some consultations with excellent specialists before taking any decisions. Good luck.

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Male with breasts

Although it is not uncommon for men to have breast tissue, I would recommend a endocrine work-up to make sure there is not something medical that requires more attention.  Once you complete your work-up and you want to proceed with larger implants, then I would recommend a similar evaluation and consultation that women go through for breast enhancement, whether it is through implants or fat grafting.

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