2 wks after Breast Augmentation, when I lift my arm, I have 4 raised lines pulling at the bottom of my breast it hurts. (photo)

I am 2 weeks and 1 day after my breast augmentation silicon gummy bear 475cc under muscle with breast lift. When I lift my arm my left breast shows 4 raised lines or ligaments that pull from bottom of breast to center of rib cage the pulling hurts and it really looks weird and ugly. I have been searching posts but found nothing similar. Any idea? I am really worried. Thanks for your support. Maryanne

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Mondor's Cords

The lines you have noticed are referred to as Mondor's cords and are the result of clots in the superficial vessels beneath your breast.  They are temporary in nature and should resolve without any long term consequences.  Speak to your surgeon for any suggestions concerning treatment.

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Breast pulling after ba

2 weeks is early and your breast is swollen which adds tension on your skin. Additionally, if you pull your arm up like your doing in the picture, a person who did not just have a breast aug will feel the tissues pull. Give yourself time to heal and don't pull your arm up like that. I don't see any reason why you would have to do that this early in your recovery. Call your surgeon and see them in person for their care. Your result looks nice by the way.

good luck

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Call your surgeon

When you are worried about anything related to your surgery your best advice is going to come from your surgeon.  S/he knows you well and presumably you trust them.  You appear to have Mondors thrombophlebitis which is benign, sefl limiting and treated symptomatically.  But call your surgeon, s/he wants to know when you are worried, will be able to see you and treat you better than the world wide web will.

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If you put your arm above your head and massage the cords with moderate pressure with the opposite hand, they sometimes snap and go away immediately. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also help.

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Mondor's cords

It looks like Mondor's cords which is the result of superficial phlebitis. If this is the case often they are self limiting and are treated with NSAID's and warm compresses. Best to be seen by your doctor.

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2 wks after Breast Augmentation, when I lift my arm, I have 4 raised lines pulling at the bottom of my breast it hurts.

This sounds like Mondor's disease. While the name may sound scary, it is just some veins that developed clotted blood and it is not dangerous. See your plastic surgeon for advice on treatment. 

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Mondor’s Superficial Thrombophlebitis After Breast Augmentation

You have Mondor’s superficial thrombophlebitis. This is an inflammatory process that involves superficial veins of the breast and chest wall. A tender band or cord is often present and represents the inflamed superficial vein. Mondor’s disease is benign and self-limiting, meaning that it will resolve without treatment. Treatment of Mondor’s thrombophlebitis involves warm compresses, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and massage. Mondor’s cords may take up to three months to resolve. Discuss this with your surgeon for additional recommendations. Best wishes.

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What are these bands beneath my newly augmented breasts?

You are suffering from what is called Mondors disease.  These bands form infrequently following augmentations and resolve spontaneously without any residual problems.

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Banjo string under breast after breast implants

The bands will go away. It is called Mondors and happens rarely after breast implants. You can take medicine for the soreness. It can help to massage the area. Rest assured it will get better.

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Contracting lines beneath the breast after augmentation

The most common cause of discomfort caused by contracting lines when you raise your arm after breast augmentation is Mondors disease which is thrombophlebitis or clots and surface vessels of the skin.  Please call your plastic surgeon and be seen for an evaluation.

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