3 weeks since 2nd vanquish treatment and I still have hard lumps in my abdomen. WIll these go away and can I continue treatment?

I am a 38 year old male and had my 2nd Vanquish treatment three weeks ago. Duirng this session, my skin felt hotter than usual. After the session I developed very large, lumpy nodules in the treatment area. I still have two areas with noticable lumps (although no more pain). WIll these eventually go away and is it safe to resume my third treatment if i still have the lumps present?

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This condition is seen occasionally . It is due to the fast lysis ( cell death) of the fat and is called fat necrosis. It subsides after a couple of weeks and you can resume treatments. It shows that the treatment works, almost too well in these cases.. It is not a concern. discuss it with your physician.

Ahmet R Karaca MD

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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