I had a swollen, hard, tender lump on the right side of my abdomen after my first treatment. Should I continue?

The dermatologist said it was okay--take Ibuprofen. It is still sore and I am wondering if I should continue or was this a big mistake?No photo necessary--a hard lump on my right side of my abdomen (and feeling more swollen because of that then reduced).

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Fat necrosis after Vanquish

Having had Vanquish on myself I can tell you that this goes away in about a week. Its actually a sign that enough energy was transmitted to the fat to cause early cell death resulting in these firm areas that we call fat necrosis. I would wait until it resolves before doing another treatment.

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This is a condition that occurs in a small percentage of patients . The reason is sudden lysis of a large group of fat cells, it makes a lump. The medical term is fat necrosis. Basically, it proves that the Vanquish treatment works, perhaps too well or too quickly in those instances. If you wait an extra week or so, the mass will soften up considerably and you may continue with the treatment. 
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