Should I Wear a Compression Garment After Gastric Bypass?

I read that a compression garment helps you skin to retract. Is it a good idea to wear one after bypass surgery to minimize loose skin?

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Can you minimize loose skin during rapid weight loss?

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Gastric bypass has given us many thousands of men and women who are now heathier and happier at their new lower body weight. But it's also given us thousands of people who have loose skin nearly everywhere on their bodies.  The skin quality is damaged by the stretching of the skin, not the loss of the weight.  The damage is done even before any weight loss.  Compression garments help control SWELLING after surgery; they wil not help replace collagen and elastin in damaged skin.

There is no way to prevent loose skin after massive weight loss.  If you're going to have it, you're going to have it.  Very few people are blessed to NOT have loose skin after massive weight loss.  Enjoy the other fantastic changes that come along with the weight loss; focus on your new habits, and don't stress about your skin in the beginning, as it's out of your control.  Best wishes!

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Gastric bypass and compression stockings

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There is no reason to wear compression stockings after gastric bypass and it will not affect the amount of hanging skin.  That is completely related to skin elasticity and the amount of weight loss.  The only reason to wear one is if it made you feel better and more comfortable with the way you look in clothes.

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