Hanging Skin After Gastric Bypass. Will Medicare Pay if Rashes Occur?

I had gastric bypass and now I have horrible hanging skin everywhere.I have rashes under my belly, under arms and my breast are sagging with rashes, my breast also have caused back ache and marks on my shoulders. will medicare pay to remove this skin and will they pay to reduce my breast. I wear 44DD and do you know anyone in louisiana that will do these surgeries.

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Will my insurance cover my bariatric plastic surgery after weight loss?

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Many times your insurance will cover it, especially if you do get rashes and have other functional problems. We always try to get coverage and you should be aware that it is a long process sometimes but worth it. I do see many patients from out of town. Also, you can search for a plastic surgeon that is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons of which I am presently President.

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Plastic surgery and Gastric Bypass

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Coverage for a tummy tuck and breast reduction on medicare will be definitely difficult to obtain.  The problem is that medicare reimbursement is really poor and most plastic surgeon would probably not accept it.  The second problem is that there is no pre-approval by medicare for surgery so the plastic surgeon would be taking a risk if they will pay and will not know until after the surgery is completed.

Medicare does cover Plastic Surgery after Gastric Bypass

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As long ad all your symptoms are documented, the breast reduction can be completely covered by Medicare and the Tummy Tuck is usually at least partially covered. Your best bet is seeing a plastic surgeon specializing in post-Bariatric patients. I'm in Miami, but if you speak with your Gastric Bypass doctors they may be able to recommend someone in your area.

Mark Broudo, MD
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