Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

I didnt wear a bra after my BA and now my breast sit low and sag, can i work out to repair this?  After I got my BA I stopped wearing any supportive garment. Now I have noticed that my implants sag A LOT when I remove all under garments. can I work out to strengthen the muscles and lift them??

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Implants and sagging breasts

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In my opinion and experience, wearing a bra or support after healing from a breast augmentation (or even without the augmentation) will neither prevent or cause breast sagging. I also do not feel that it has anything to do with the size or type of implant alone. Tissues around an implant and the breast itself will sag if they're going to sag and there is no way to prevent it or restore it. The same is true for faces and other parts of the body. Until we have a reliable method of restoring tone to skin and connective tissue there is no way to do this and exercise, while having other benefits, will not alter it. Even a breast lift procedure will not restore tone. It merely gives the appearance of it by repositioning the breast higher. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Sagging after breast implants can be corrected.

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1)  Bad shape after breast augmentation cannot be caused by failure to wear bra.  So don't blame yourself.

2)  Unfortunately, exercises will not help.

3)  Wait six months, and try not to focus on your breasts.  If you are not happy then, there is no choice but a revision breast augmentation.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Unfortunately, no

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Unfortunately,  there is no exercise that can help "lift" sagging breasts. You should wear a good supportive bra to prevent further sagging and see your surgeon if you'd like to have this surgically corrected with mastopexy.

Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

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Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help? In short: NO. It is unlikely that any exercise will have any signficiant effects on your breast or sag. 

Sagging breasts

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Unfortunately, sagging breasts will not improve by pectoralis muscle activity.  You probably need a breast lift.

Exercise after implants may actually make sagging worse

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You didn't say whether or not the implants are under the muscle, but most are. The pectoral muscle covers the top portion of the implant but not the bottom. Because of the fact that the bottom edge of the muscle is cut with the standard dual-plane technique, with muscle flexion it actually pushes down on the implant, which in turn contributes to bottoming out. It would require surgery to repair, and might also need reinforcement to counteract the force of the muscles pushing down.

No exercise can change the shape or position of your breasts.

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Hi there-

Unfortunately, whether the shape you are seeing is due to descent of your implants, or due to relaxation and sagging of the breast tissue itself, there is no amount, type, or intensity of exercise that will alter the shape of your breasts.

Your best bet is to visit your surgeon for an evaluation. It is possible you will need a revision of your procedure, or a breast lift to correct this.

Big sags

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The bigger your breasts are the more they will sag. there are no muscles that lift them. Breasts are just built to sag.

No exercise for sagging breasts

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Unfortunately, there is no exercise which can lift a sagging breast. If your skin envelop has accomodated and the implant and the breast has fallen with the added weight, a breast lift will correct this. I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon and discussing your concerns. Good luck

Ptosis after Implants

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I would expect that you would develop significant ptosis or sagging after an augmentation when you use no support.  This is a simple result of unabated gravity.  Unfortunately, no amount of exercise is going to correct this, since it is a skin problem.  You will need a lift to correct your problem.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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