Does water liposuction work?

I need to know if this is legit or not. Does Water Liposuction really work?

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Water-assisted liposuction works very well

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Water-assisted liposuction, called Body-Jet, is a technique I've used for close to 3 years. It involves pulsing the local anesthesia solution under a slight pressure into the fat space, rather than the usual way of placing the fluid. Body-Jet is more like a power wash compared with a soaker hose method of placing fluid. It allows the anesthetic solution to placed more rapidly, and most importantly, in my experience more comfortably. The speed of pulses is adjustable.

The second tremendous advantage to Body-Jet is the ability to suction fat and simultaneously continue to place more anesthesia directly to the area being suctioned. This eliminates the occasional sensitive areas that may be encountered while suctioning. Even with the best technique placing local anesthesia, it is often necessary to stop suctioning to touch-up the anesthesia if there is a "hot spot". The Body-Jet method takes care of that without having to stop the suctioning.

A third benefit is that the gentle washing of the fat during suctioning makes it easier to extract the fat from the  connective tissue to which it's anchored. This means less trauma to the tissue and there is less bruising in my experience.

A fourth advantage is that I've found I use less total local anesthesia with the Body-Jet method. This means a greater degree of safety by staying well within the accepted limits of local anesthesia.

The most important factor to a safe and succesful procedure is to see a surgeon who has a lot of experience with awake local anesthesia liposuction and an excellent safety record. 

San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon
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Water Liposuction - More Hype than Hope

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The short answer is yes - it really works. This past year I tried the Body-Jet- water assisted liposuction on several patients.  We followed these patients for 6 months.  Every patient had an excellent result and the technique wasn't that difficult to learn.  However - in the cases that I performed - there wasn't any real advantage.  If we had been using the harvested fat for large volume fat transfer/transplant - then maybe that would have been an advantage (example of harvesting from one area and using the fat for a Brazilian Buttock Lift). The increased expense of the equipment didn't seem to offer any exceptional clinical value for my patients.  So yes - it works - but I can't justify passing the expense onto my patients.

John Allan Ness, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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It the painter not the paint brush.

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Hello, Yes it does work, but so do the other type of liposuction technologies such as power assisted, ultrasound, laser, etc. The two most important parts about any liposuction procedure is #1 the plastic surgeon and #2 removing the fat as opposed to breaking it up or dissolving it and waiting for the body to absorb it. All the best. Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Does water liposuction work?

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Yes it does but as Dr Khoobehi stated, It is the experience of the surgeon not the techniques or machinery used! I use BODY JET as an additional item in my liposuction arsenal of choices. In my hands I see less swelling, less ecchymosis or black & blue, faster healing, larger volumes more safely removed. Best is to see in person a Body Jet Doc. 

Waterjet liposuction is another option for the liposuction

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Waterjet is another form of liposuction and does work. It involves using high pressure water to mobilize the fat deposits. The more important issue is the surgeon and not the machine or the method alone.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 154 reviews

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