Who to Bring to a Consultation?

Hello, I am wife and mother of 2 and scheduled for my first breast augmentation consultation. My question is who is the best person to bring to a consultation? I could see it being my husband because he knows me best and loves and supports me. But I could also see bringing a girl friend because women have a good eye for beauty and shapes. I have also heard that some people bring there friend to the consultation and their spouse to the pre-op appointment. Any suggestions or tips are helpful. Thank you!

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Who to Bring to a Consultation?

As a surgeon, I am most comfortable when the patient brings her spouse along. I can usually tell if he is supportive or not, and more importantly if he is the driving force for the decision. But the choice is completely yours, and any combination of the your suggestions should be fine.

All the best. 

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Who to bring to Consultation?

I would say that bringing someone that can give their honest opinion with your best interest at heart.  This person could be your husband, friend, sister, mother, etc  Oftentimes, women bring their girl friend to the consult and then their husband to the preop.  However, I would say that if you are communicating well with your Plastic Surgeon where both of you have the same "vision" of what you expect then THAT is most important.  So in the end you really only need yourself and good communication with your surgeon as to your expectations.  A good plastic surgeon should be able to fish out what exactly you are looking for even if you are nervous and/or anxious.  Most of the time you will "know" that this person is your surgeon because of this interaction.  If a particular friend or family member can help communicate your desires to the surgeon then that would be the most helpful person.

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Whom to bring to your plastic surgery consultation

Bring anyone that makes you feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns and goals. Don't bring someone who makes you feel judged or pushes you to do or not do something. It is normal to be nervous about a plastic surgery consultation, and many people bring their husbands, wives, family members, or friends. Basically it should be someone you feel comfortable having there and getting input from, and whose opinion you value. If there is someone you are counting on to help you after surgery, this is also someone you may want to bring either to the first consult or the pre-operative visit. Some patients prefer to come alone so they can get information and come to a decision without the influence of other people's opinions. It is really a personal choice. Also, it is a good idea to make a list of the questions you have and bring it with you. That way you can make the most out of the visit.

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Breast Implant Consultation

For your consultation for breast augmentation or for any cosmetic surgery it is always wise to bring someone with you. It has been shown that most people retain less information than they are given during the consult. For this reason having someone else listen in  and to help retain information afterwards is a good idea. When deciding who to accompany you it is best to have someone who will help care for you afdterwards. It is also important that you not hesitate to tell the surgeon how big you would like to be but keep this portion of the conversation between you and the physician so you can be sure that you get to the size that you want to be. Remember, these are the breasts that you will be living with and we want you to like them. In my practice we use a special sizing system which gives the most similarity to what your final appearance will be. If you have some photos of what breasts you think look good then also bring those to the consult to show your surgeon. Good luck

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Support group in plastic surgery

Preferably your spouse would be your best support person and the one who will care for you after. This would be the best person for both visits so you don't get too many cooks in the soup.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Who to Bring with Me to Consultation?

Who you bring to the consultation is very much a personal choice. Based on the choices you have listed, it would make sense to me that you bring your husband for the reasons you mentioned. He will also likely be the one taking care of you and be able to learn about postoperative care instructions and what to expect etc.

 In my practice, I also ask patients to bring  pictures of what they would like to achieve (goal  pictures);  I think that this form of communication is very helpful.  Also, write down questions/concerns you may have before hand.

 You may find the attached link helpful to you when it comes to FAQs.

 Best wishes.

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Bring someone you can trust !

Consultation is a time for you to ask all the questions about the procedure you are interested in. Many patients are very stressed out about meeting with the surgeon and showing their breast for the evaluation. This moment is quite often very difficult for many. It is nice to bring someone who will support you, gives you an encouragement. I see often husbands coming along as a support system for the initial visit. Also, many women bring their best friend hoping for help, a good judgment and friendly advice especially when it comes to choosing the implant size. But at the end it is up to you to decide what to do - we are here to support you

Gregory Turowski, MD, PhD, FACS
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Plastic Surgery Consulation

I think it is most important for you to bring whoever you feel most comfortable with. It is also important to prepare for the consultation by thinking about your goals for the surgery so you can discuss this with your surgeon.

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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Bringing Friends To A Consultation

It is good to have your significant other or close friend at your initial consultation as this will be helpful in providing you the answers and also listening to the questions, as sometimes the patient is nervous. This can provide for another set of ears to hear what was said and proposed. I strongly encourage this as well.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
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Your consultation

This is a great question.  The decision to have plastic surgery is a very important decision.  A lot of important information is discussed at the consultation and it is helpful to have someone you trust and with whom you are comfortable come to the consultation to act as another "set of ears" and be supportive.  You are the best person to choose who that person is.  You should bring the individual who will be with you after surgery to listen to the instructions for post operative care.

Thank you and good luck.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
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