I Want to Bring my Dent on Right Side of Forehead Back to Normal How Do I Do That? (photo)

I met with an accident and went through an operation of my head as there was internal bleeding after the cure i have a dent on my right side of forehead skull how to undent or unbend the dent please help me out please, in my operation my skull was kept inside my right thigh to heel it and then put back and after that i have a dent :-( please help

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Options to fix a dent in the temple and forehead region?

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There are several options to repair this. An important question is whether the bone flap that was replaced has survived. It is possible that the only issue is atrophy of the overlying soft tissue in which case an implant can be placed. Alternatively, hf the underlying bone has reabsorned there are custom, permanent implants that can be fixated to the remaining bone to provide perfect symmetry to the bone on the opposite side. You would need to start with an in-person consultation and most likely undergo a CT scan by a special protocol to fashion a custom implant for you. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Dent in the forehead

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Dents after skull surgery for intracranial bleed is seen frequently.

It can be corrected, but need to see you, examine you and see the operative note when the bone was put back. Then can discuss the options

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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