Suspected Facial Nerve Damage, Left Side Cheek Bone? (photo)

Hey, Two years ago I had an accident in my bathroom where I slipped fell and knocked my head against the bathtub on my way down. The blow was to my cheekbone/orbital area, left side. Sought minimal medical treatment. Area is still a bit numb..if touched too much it swells and hurts a little. There has been increased facial asymmetry I have noticed. I am convinced it is nerve damage. What do you think? If so what should I do, who should I see and what can be done?

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Facial Nerve Injury 2 Years Ago

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The photo appears to be an inverse image, because the described weakness is shown on the right of the photograph.  The photograph appears to show partial motion of the involved cheek, decreased fullness of the cheek, flattening of the nasolabial fold and upper lip; these findings are suggestive of an injury to the zygomatic branch of the facial nerve.  Although I agree with previous posters suggestion that you see a Facial Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon that specializes in facial nerve injury, partial motion after two years is unlikely to be improved upon by surgical intervention.

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Craniofacial surgeon needed

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You need to seek consultation from a plastic surgeon who is a "craniofacial surgeon."  These surgeons are usually at major university medical centers have extra expertise in complex matters like yours.  It apprears likely that you broke your cheek bone and as it was untreated, you have a deformity from that.  Repain can be done but is very complex, and the nerve damage might well be uncorrectable.

Suspected Facial Nerve Damage, Left Side Cheek Bone?

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The posted photo does demonstrate facial asymmetry and left malar flatness. Also facial nerve paresis is shown. Best to seek in person evaluations via PS, ENT, Oral surgeons - some doctor. 

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