Volume Loss in Cheeks or Eye Bags? (photo)

Hi, I would like to know if filler could help with my problem area. I would also like to know if you think this is under eye bags or volume loss in cheeks. I am 43. Thank You.

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Skin protrusions called "festoons"

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Fillers won't get the result you are after as the problem appears to be festoons.

Festoons (which feel a little squishy and move when pressed) are most recently treated with CO2 or Erbium lasers. This will force tissue replacement that should be stronger and contain more elastic fibers.

Your best option is to see an oculoplastic surgeon, dermasurgeon or plastic surgeon who has some level of expertise in treating this particular problem.


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Volume Loss

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We all age and so does our face when the support tissue weakens. Since the changes are in the lateral part of the eye, you do not have a tear trough issue. Rather, this is an early double mound appearance which is quite common. In my past experience, fillers are helpful in the younger generation. In the middle age group I prefer fat preserving blepharoplasty with lateral canthal support as the long term results are better.All th best

Dermal Filler in Tear Trough Deformity

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The most apparent issue is a depression from the corner of your eye extending to your lateral cheek.  This is called a teat trough deformity and is caused by a combination of reasons.  Fortunately, a filler can provide an excellent correction in that region.  Unfortunately, your lateral photo is out of focus and I cannot comment on bags under your eyes based on what you posted.  See a plastic surgeon who treats the mid-face with filler often as this is an area that can have unexpected complications with prolonged edema if not injected appropriately and with the correct material. 

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