How to get rid of brown spots on the white part of the eye/Sclera after vomiting? (Photo)

Over a year and a half ago I got very sick with the stomach flu which made me throw up a lot. I got a whole bunch of red dots in & around my eyes. They ones outside/around my eyes went away within a few days. The ones on the sclera turned brownish, and they have not even faded a little. What can I do or use to get rid of it? It's been over a year an a half! The sclera used to be white now I look horrible because of the brownish spots/stains. Please help! thank you!

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Brown spots on the eye

After episodes of vomiting, forceful coughing, or even sneezing, it is not uncommon to develop small patches of blood on the surface of the eye, called subconjunctival hemorrhages.  Most of the time, these are transient findings that look scarier than they really are.  However, occasionally, as these small patches of blood resorb, the pigment within blood cells and leak out and stain the nearby sclera or conjunctiva leaving permanent discoloration.  The good news is that this type of discoloration does not impact the general health of the eye.  Occasionally, there can be other causes of scleral discoloration and a careful slit lamp exam at the ophthalmologist's office is recommended to rule these out. Unfortunately, drops that are advertised to "whiten" the eye generally don't work well in these situations.

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