How much would it cost to fix my gap and overbite? (Photo)

I have a pretty big gap and my overbite is horrible! my teeth are rotting. i have had all wisdom teeth pulled already. what are my treatment options. i cannot afford much, but i need a good estimate of what it would cost me to fix my teeth and give me a prefect white straight smile.

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Smile makeover with crowns

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Based on x rays, thats how we can determine the best option for you, it can be arranged with crowns and bridges, if you do not want to go through braces, that way you will correct the way those teeth look, and you will even close that gap, there are several techniques, and yes, you will find a solution. With porcelain crowns we can change the shape, size, color, etc


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It depends on many things. First your gums and teeth have to be in an excellent condition.  If there are no skeletal issues then braces could fix the gap and would be around $8-9k.

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Cost to fix gap

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The size of your gap is quite large.  Combined with your deep bite, traditional orthodontics would be your best bet.  There are many orthodontists that will work on a monthly payment plan. 

Tara Hardin, DDS
Cincinnati Dentist

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