What is Vibro Liposuction?

A local clinic is advertising Vibro Liposuction extensively. However, I haven't been able to find much information on it online. What is involved in this procedure?

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Fancy name for Liposuction

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Now offering BIG BANG Liposuction!!!

Sounds dramatic doesn't it, Estee? But just like all of the other fancy names for a bunch of different technologies, you're really just getting the skill of the surgeon with whatever tool she or he chooses for your particular problem.

Select your surgeon first. Then you'll get the best the advice and you can rest assured that they are using the appropriate tools for the job.

One other personal aside, in my opinion, the more billboards, radio ads, TV shows and other paid advertisements you see from one doctor, clinic, etc., the less busy they are. The really good doctors aren't as likely to spend money trying to attract patients when they already have a good clientele and are staying busy. Just my 0.02.

Vibro liposuction

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Vibro liposuction is merely another name for PALS (Power Assisted Liposculpture), a technique commonly used for aspirating fat.

PALS involves a reciprocating metal tube (canula) that aspirates fat. It is in my opinion a valuable tool for liposculpture since it enables more precise movements in tough areas such as above the rib abdominal fat or in patients with toucher tissues (i.e. redo liposuction).

As a regular practitioner of liposuction with a number of different techniques, I have found claims of much less bruising and downtime to be unfounded when compared to superwet techniques. PALS does enable us to get into tough or more dangerous areas with greater safety and precision.

As with any liposuction technique, far more important than the technique used is the surgeon performing the surgery.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Ignore the procedure name. Ask for details about the surgeon performing the operation.

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As you can see from other posts, board-certified plastic surgeons were not impressed with the marketing plan of the clinic or the manufacturer of the "vibro" equipment. It is not a common procedure. It is not a proven advance. You are right to do more research, ask questions, etc.

The focus should not be on the procedure name, but the practitioner. Learn as much as you can about the person doing the operation. Is he or she a board-certified plastic surgeon? Do they have some years of experience performing liposuction? Are they credentialed to perform the same procedures in a hospital, rather than their own clinic? And ask about who will be responsible for your anesthesia?

Good luck with your search.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

I trialed it

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I agree with what was said above. The rep asked me to try the machine. In addition to moving in and out like (reciprocating) like a sewing machine, it moves around so that if you looked at it end on it makes circles, and it has a motion like a washing machine.

I am not sure if there is a benefit or not compared to PAL. I am convinced however that the type of liposuction is not significant, the doctor makes all the difference.


Vibro Liposuction is a fancy marketing name for power-assisted liposuction

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Vibro Liposuction is a marketing name applied to PAL, or power-assisted liposuction.

The liposuction cannula moves back and forth in the fat tissue quickly by using an air assisted power device instead of being moved by the surgeons hand.

This device makes the surgeons work easier and can thus improve fat removal. There are many such devices in common use in the US today under the name power assited liposiuction.

These devices per say do not specifically improve fat removal by a direct fat dissolving effect as implied in the advertisemenmts.

The two methods that do dissolve fat prior to suction are Ultrasound and laser lipolysis.

These later methods liquefy the fat, make removal easier and can also help tighten skin.

In my opinion, the term Vibro Liposuction is primarily a marketing term.

See photo of laser liposuction results.

When in doubt, ask questions

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This may be simply a marketing attempt to make a long existing technology sound more appealing. There is a technique which is referred to as power assisted liposuction which involves using a powered cannula that vibrates and moves forward and back several millimeters to facilitate smooth passage through the fatty tissues. I frequently use this type of machine for liposculpture procedures and it is quite effective. Possibly, this is what is being used.

Not familiar with that term

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I have not previously run into that specific term, but there appears to be no end in sight for creative marketing people to make something standard, seem new. While out of town one weekend, I asked where I could get my car washed and 2 people at the hotel front desk gave different suggestions. One of the people suggested a new car wash that used a "laser". I can't imagine what a laser would add to a car wash, but it certainly creates "buzz," which I am sure translates into business. Having been in practice for well over 20 years, I have seen many things come, and go.

Generally, the tried and proven methods are the safest and I fear that this term may be more hype than substance. Just like the "laser car wash".

Ask your surgeon for advice, and if you are still confused, get a second opinion.

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