4 Vials of Radiesse Only Lasted 6 Months?

I had almost three vials put on the actual cheekbone( was told this should last 12-18 months and will not create the lasting collagen). Remainder to fill the cheek hollows. After 6 months it as completely worn off. If I have a high metabolism will this effect how long the Radiesse will last? I really liked the look but am very disappointed in how quick it wore off. Have discussed Sculptra but afraid of the same result.

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4 Vials of Radiesse Only Lasted 6 Months?

Radiesse is a thick product compared to other fillers. It's very rare to not see any result from your treatment. Fat Grafting may be your best option to promote a lasting result, this procedure consists of removing your own fat to re-implant it where it's needed. Without a photo provided you would need a full examination, I suggest seeking an evaluation by a reputable board certified physician who can achieve the result you desire. 

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4 Vials of Radiesse Only Lasted 6 Months?

Radiesse comes in syringes of 1.5 ml, 0.8 ml, and 0.3 ml, so we need to assume that you meant four syringes of the 1.5 ml each...I'm surprised to hear that they didn't last very long.  Radiesse is an excellent product and typically results in longer-lasting effects than that.  I can understand your being frustrated but I would probably try it one more time before giving up; perhaps you can speak with your PS to address the costs of such an "experiment."   However, if - for whatever reason - you don't want to try that, then the only options would be Sculptra or autologous fat, both of which have potential concerns of their own.  You should, of course, speak to your own PS about this.

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Radiesse injections

Radiesse is a great product that typically lasts longer than 6 months, especially when such a large volume is used.  Some people do seem to go through fillers faster then others, but its difficult to say what the reason is. If you really liked the look of your fillers, it is worth considering a more permanent option such as autologous fat transfer (grafting).  This procedure requires harvesting your own fat from your abdomen or thigh area and injecting it into your face.  This procedure is more cost effective when you want to fill large volume areas such as the cheeks, since most people have a good supply of donor fat.  I personally prefer fat transfer over sculptra, but you should discuss this with an experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon in your area.  

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Radiesse - cost versus fat transfer

I agree that it is costly and Radiesse product is costly. We charge 750 for 2 vials and 3 vials probably cost you 1200 - 1500 dollars, depending on where you live and who injected the Radiesse. Radiess is a good product and typically lasts 12-14 monts but can last as litlle as 6 months. I also sugges autologous fat transfer which should cost you about 2,000 and should last longer than 14 months.

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Filling the chhk

That is a tremendous cost for a temporary filler.

Try fat transfer, in most cases most of the fat will stay for a long peroid of time, and cost may be the same as the 4-5 syringes of Radiesse.

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