Veneers: After Filing the Teeth, Can You Loose Your Real Teeth?

I am aware that with Veneers there needs to be some filing done to the teeth. I am also ware that if done properly veneers should last a very long time, like 15-20 years at least. A dentist once told my me that if i file my tooth i will loose my teeth. I been thinking about getting veneers, my teeth are not that bad. There are not chipped, stained, discolored, gaped or crooked. I had braces before,after my wisdom teeth came and they crooked. I don't want to loose my real teeth when Im 55.

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Can you lose your natural teeth after doing veneers?

I have been doing veneers for over 20 years and I really can not recall someone losing a tooth because of the procedure.  Depending on the amount of tooth removal needed there is a small chance a tooth could need a root canal.  But with conservative and well bonded veneers,  that is an infrequent occurance and does not cause the loss of the teeth.  I would never have had my own teeth veneered if I was concerned it would lead to tooth loss.

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Tooth Loss After Veneers

If porcelain veneers are done properly, then they can last 15-20 years or more and serve as a protective covering over your natural tooth.  If you are happy, however, with your natural teeth and are not looking to do the veneers for aesthetics then I would say to leave your teeth alone.  There are always risks when doing these procedures that you should be aware of.  If the dentist does not know what they are doing, the veneers can affect your bite changing.  If they do not place the veneers on properly, food and bacteria can get in under the gumline and cause tooth decay.  If the veneers come off, you will need to have them replaced.  If the dentist drills off too much tooth enamel, you could need a root canal.  These are all reasons why it's important to find someone that does these cases all the time and can educate you on what will be best for you and your smile.  If you are not sure about getting veneers, hold off until you are ready.  Remember, once your teeth are filed down, you cannot turn back.

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Veneers: Can you lose your real teeth?

Porcelain Veneers actually strengthen  your existing teeth as they act as a protective coating around your teeth.  Many times there is no filing or minimal filing as patients try to achieve their perfect smile.   I think when a dentist told you that you would lose your teeth, it was coming from an non-scientific view point.  They have existed for over 40 years and long term studies are very positive. Good luck,  Dr.. David Frey

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