Is Their a Payment Plan for Lumineers or Does Insurance Help Pay for Them?


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Hi Stefanie from Oklahoma...

Lumineers are a brand of Veneers. We could bill your insurance for this procedure but chances or slim to NONE that you will receive any coverage for this procedure.  No matter how you cut it, it is cosmetic and they will say put in crowns if you need further restoration of the tooth.  Lumineers are a cosmetic choice of the patient and dentist. Our office offers two no interest finance plans that you can use to do your dental work and we do all of the work for you in the office to help you qualify.  Most dental offices offer these for their patients who do inivsalign, Six Month Smiles or any other cosmetic procedure that their insurance will not cover.  Make sure you choose a dentist who has experience placing lumineers.  I am assured you will have an amazing smile !

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Does Insurance Pay for Veneers

In most cases veneers of any type are not covered by dental insurance.  If the teeth being restored have old fillings or have had a root canal previously, then we can usually get coverage based upon the need for strength vs. cosmetic changes.  As far as payment plans, most good cosmetic dentists have several payment options available to help make treatment affordable.

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