VelaShape for Sagging Breasts?

I have lost 65 pounds and I am now a 34A. I breastfeed both of my children, so now I am left with sagging. Would VelaShape help tighten the breasts?

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Velashape is not for sagging breasts.

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Velashape is a device designed to help with cellulite and can reduce and smooth fat contours without surgery. By combining vigorous massage, infra-red light energy and radio-frequency energy, Velashape can greatly improve circulation to the sub-cutaneous tissue. A series of treatments are needed to see lasting improvement. Occasionally, young skin may become a bit tighter after these treatments but this would never be adequate for a sagging breast. If you have reached your weight loss goal and feel that your breast needs a lift, the best option is a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon to discuss your surgical options.

Dr. Mosher

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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Doubt velashape would help sagging breasts

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 velashape is approved for cellulite - it is unlikely to give any improvement in your situation.  even Thermage which does result in skin tightening would probably not be enough - consider abreast lift, possible combined with an implant as this would likely give you the best result.

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