Is Velashape an Option for Lumps After Lipo?

I have lumps from Liposuction and I'm wondering, what are my options to fix them? Is Velashape a good choice for me? If no, please explain what would be the most helpful. I am 6 weeks out and very depressed about the results. Is there anything I can do? I do 400 crunches per day and regularly massaging the area. I am 115 lbs. at 5'3" and liked my stomach much better before I had the Liposuction. I am 50 years old but have never been more than 120 lbs. I have always worked out 3-4 times per week, and  had a mass index of 15% body fat before Liposuction. Will I have to pay to get lumps removed?

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Velashape/smooth after lipo

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Having been a part of the initial development of the machine, I can tell you that I have often offered this to my patients after suction of the hips and lateral thighs. Patients appreciate the treatment and are pleased with the total package result.

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
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Ask your surgeon to address lumps after liposuction

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20 % of people notice some irregularity after liposuction, especially in the first month or two after surgery.

Massage and lymphatic drainage are time tested methods to improve lumps and irregularities. I would give it 3 months before being concerned.

Velashape is controversial-some say it works very well to improve contour deformities after liposuction-others say no. However I would certainly give it a try. If nothiing else the suction may improve lymphatic drainage.

If after 4-6 months you still have lumps you may need further surgery. Localised removal of lumps with standard lipo is very difficult. I have had good success with the laser assisted lipo.

See before and after photos of SlimLipo.

Velashape may help

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It really is too early to be so concerned. It takes 3-6 months for these things to resolve. The velashape will help but massage and time will also help.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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