Velashape While Trying to Get Pregnant?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a yr and 1/2. I have put several things on hold hoping to get pregnant. It is now almost 2 yrs later and wish I would have done these. I am considering Velashape, but also am going to start taking another set of hormones to hopefully conceive. Is Velashape ok while doing this as long as I am not currently pregnant? Also, could these treatments effect my fertility?

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Velashape and pregnancy

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Although there is no direct evidence that there would be any affect from Velashape on your fertility, you certainly should not have the treatment if you have been trying so hard for almost 2 years to have a child. The hormones might affect the condition of your fluid content and fat distribution so it would be best to have the Velashape when you are not pregnant and not on treatment to help coneption.

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Velashape IIII during fertility treatments is not recommended

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Research has shown that the underlying mechanism of action is reduction in the subcutaneous adipose tissue volume and intensification of dermal matrix density. Increased fat cell metabolism ans softening of the fibrous cords that cause cellulite. 

Hormonal manipulation may alter water retention and fat distribution and metabolism and therefore I do not recommend this or any other treatments while you are undergoing fertility treatments. 

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