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Personal preference dictates choice.

Both EVLT(laser) and VNUS(radio frequency) work and their results are similar.  Which one a particular doctor uses depends usually on their personal preference, background and experience.  I have used both and I own both but I never use the VNUS system any more.  With the newer higher wavelength lasers(1470) there is minimum post procedure bruising, discomfort or downtime.  Technically I feel the laser is easier to use and capable of assessing smaller veins and, in my hands, the superior product to use.

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Both VNUS Closure, EVLT Never Touch, ClariVein, VenaSeal and Varithena treat venous insufficiency - Buffalo NY

Both VNUS Closure and EVLT tNever Touch treat venous reflux dissease, also known as venous insufficiency.

For example, once access is gained into the great saphenous vein, a radiofrequency catheter (VNUS) or laser catheter (EVLT) can be used to obliterate the great saphenous vein. This treats venous reflux disease originating at the saphenofemoral junction or saphenopopliteal junction.

Unfortunately, most phlebologists have the VNUS Closure machine or EVLT machine. Very rarely do they have all three technologies (VNUS, EVLT and ClariVein, since the machines are expensive and they accomplish the same goal.

We have EVLT Never Tuch, ClariVein aand VNUS Closure in our practice and used them selectively depending on the size of the vein and how close it is to the skin. As well, given my background in heart surgery, I utilize EVLT because theoretically it is unlikely to interfere with pacemaker/defibrillator function in individuals who have these devices in place.

ClariVein uses mechanochemical ablation. 

The vein Treatment Center has a Director who is an MD and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and who has added board certification from the American Board of Surgery, American Board of Thoracic Surgery (cardiovascular surgey) and who is certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). Dr Karamanoukian is also a registered physician in vascular interpretation (RPVI).

The Vein Treatment Center performs VNUS Closure, EVLT laser ablation, ClariVein, foam sclerotherapy among other ablation technologies.

We are currently (February 2015) evaluating Sapheon and Varithena - glue and chemical ablation.

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