Had 1st vanquish treatment Tuesday: had hot spot. It's now sore & feels 'lumpy'. What could this be?

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Lumps after Vanquish

Lumps after Vanquish
Vanquish used RF to heat the fat cells to the point they are destroyed.If you had a “hot spot” during your treatment there could have been more fat cells in that area.By destroying the fat cells we are causing fat cell death (fat necrosis).This lump you feel is probably fat necrosis that your body has not absorbed yet.In our office we use the Z Wave with every Vanquish treatment.The Z Wave uses sound waves to “break up” the fat Vanquish destroyed and in my opinion it reduces any lumps and helps the body absorb the fat faster.If your provider has the Z Wave it may be worth a try.

Vanquish Side Effects

The BTL Vanquish ME platform from BTL Aesthetics  represents an advanced implementation of Selective RF. During treatment, the unit’s non-contact device (or applicator) is positioned over the area to be treated and delivers RF-based energy, initiating induced apoptosis.  Occassionally localized areas of fat will be accelerated and the area can become fibrous, dense or perceived lumpy. This will resolve in several weeks and anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen can be helpful.

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Panniculitis (fat inflammation) can occur after Vanquish RF treatment. It will eventually resolve on its own. Avoid manipulation of the area and further treatment until it does. For the discomfort, take ibuprofen and apply cool compresses. Follow-up with your physician if the nodule/lump or pain persists.

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Lumps are actually proof that treatments are working, almost too well. By that , I mean that a large group of fat cells are destroyed quickly in some areas and they form the lumps. We usually wait an extra week or two before resuming treatments.

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Tender area after Vanquish

We counsel patients that rarely they may have an area of panniculitis or accllerated fat loss in a focal area of treatment.  This is seen more in fibrous areas.  We recommend that patients massage the area and take Aleeve or Motrin and it resolves in 1-2 weeks.

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