Is it normal for the gap to be raised off the chest wall right after Breast Augmentation?

It's raised slightly.. I'm very nervous that i will eventually have synmastia.. someone please help, im freaking out

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Don't freak out!

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Depending on how long ago your surgery was, it is possible that you are just swollen. If you are wearing a compression bra, roll a washcloth or similar, and wedge it into cleavage area. Your doctor will be able to help you with your concerns at your post op visit. I also will use an underwire bra if there is any lifting in the sternal area. Good luck

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Raised chest wall gap right after breast augmentation

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Its not unusual to have swelling around the entire breast for the first 2-4 weeks. Sometimes the swelling in the sternal area (the gap) may persist for a longer period depending on how large the implant and how small the chest circumference is. Continue to see your board certified plastic surgeon and have confidence in him/her.

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Is it normal for the gap to be raised off the chest wall right after Breast Augmentation?

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It's difficult to say, without seeing a photograph. However, these fish may be related to swelling. Your plastic surgeon will be able to give you the most helpful answers.

Is it normal for the gap to be raised off the chest wall right after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question. It is difficult to answer this question without examining you or seeing any photos. You are only two weeks post op and this way too early to say what your final results will look like. Normally it takes 3-6 months for the implants to settle and the swelling to subside. I would express your concerns to your board certified plastic surgeon. Be patient. Good luck.

Post op results

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If you just had your surgery, you are literally in the infancy of your recovery. Your entire chest is swollen. Nothing looks or feels like it should. Be patient and kind to yourself as your body recovers. It will take time. If your issue doesn't resolve on its own, schedule an appointment with your surgeon. 
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Do I have synmastia?

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 If it's as early as you say in the postoperative period, and your skin envelope was extremely tight to begin with, then you may feel that the space between the breasts is stretched. As the skin relaxes this will probably go away. It be rare to have a synmastia so early in the postoperative course. Go back your operating plastic surgeon for reassurance. Good luck.

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Swelling Between Breasts after Breast augmentation

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Some swelling between breasts after breast augmentation can be normal and is not a sign that you will develop a synmastia.  Placing a roll of gauze under your bra between the breast can help.  But the swelling will go away on its own.  Best of luck

Raymond Jean MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia PA

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