Getting V-beam After Fraxel Laser?

How long after receiving Fraxel restore treatment can V-Beam be done? I've had 5 Fraxel done and probably will go for more in the future (will wait at least a year), but want to see improvement of the redness from my acne scars.

I also seem to get flushed easier than ever after Fraxel. Will V Beam improve this condition as well?

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Fraxel and V-beam

I advise waiting about 2 weeks after Fraxel Re:store before having V-beam.  Once your skin has exfoliated from the Fraxel treatment, the V-beam can penetrate more effectively and you will have better fading of the redness.

Toronto Dermatologist
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I would start the Vbeam now.

Hi Lolalee--In fact, I often combine that Vbeam on the same day with the Fraxel treatment...this cuts down on the number of visits, the days of downtime (in total), and the lasers work better when used together. The Vbeam should improve the flushing as well. Ask if your doctor has the Vbeam Perfecta, which is the latest generation and is more effective the the Vbeam. Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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