Are Fraxel Laser Results the Same As Sciton's?

My question is, will multiple treatments of the Fraxel eventually give me the same results as the Sciton? And what do you recommend for the neck & hands? Maybe I need to finish my treatments before seeing better results.

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Fraxel is a very good choice

It is difficult to say that Fraxel is better than Sciton, but I feel that the results are similar. The downtime on Sciton is longer, but the results are very good. The downtime on the Fraxel Re:store laser is much shorter, but multiple treatments are needed (usually 4). I routinely use Fraxel for the neck and hands as well. Yes, you do need to finish a series of treatments to accurately critique Fraxel. Each treatment does 18-23% of the surface area of the skin, on average.

One or two treatments alone does not accurately paint the picture. My recommendation is to finish the Fraxel series that you have already started. However, if you have already done the Sciton and are ok with the downtime, then that is not a bad choice either. For clarity sake, I want you to know that I have a Fraxel not a Sciton. So, it is likely that I am biased, but I do my best to give an accurate answer in these forums for your benefit. Good luck.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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It is difficult to compare lasers

It is very hard to compare lasers unless they were done side by side. It is also difficult to answer your question without seeing your skin up close to determine the damage that your seeking to improve. My bias may be related to using the Fraxel in my office frequently and having used the Sciton erbium yag several years ago. I have not used their newer technology. Fraxel can help fine lines, texture changes from sun damage, sunspots and acne scars. The Fraxel Re:store is usually done every few weeks for 5 – 6 treatments. Improvement often occurs for six months after the treatments. It works very nicely on the neck, chest and hands as well as the face, although the energy settings are lower when the neck, chest and hands are treated.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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