Untreated Broken Cheekbone - Facial Flattening and Possible Atrophy - 14 Months? What Can Be Done - Utterly Distraught? (photo)

Hello, 14 Months ago I was in a car accident, I was told that my cheekbone was broken - there was an X-Ray conducted but no CT scan. I knew from the start my cheekbone was out of place and had lost prominence but have been told by several doctors there is nothing they can do because it wasn't fixed at the appropriate time and "to just get used to it". I had disfigured one side of my entire face, which is now flat, what can be done? I'm devastated by this and the treatment I have received. Thanks

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Flat Cheek after Trauma can be fixed with Cheek Implant

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Thank you for posting this question and your photo. Part of the answers that you have been give so far is true: by 14 months later, the facial bone will have fused in their new position/orientation. However, this does NOT mean that the aesthetic issues cannot be fixed.  An appropriately sized and shaped cheek implant placed over the flattened area is an excellent option to restore facial symmetry and improve your appearance.  Many qualified facial plastic surgeons can help you with this.

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