Unsatisfactory Oucome Post ReLEx SMILE. Confusing Rx. Very worried. Am I suitable for Enhancement?

Pre-op R -6.25/-1.50, L -6.25/-1.75 (manifest and cycloplegic) Underwent ReLEx SMILE 8wk ago, uneventful. Initial cornea thickness R 529 L 536. Cap 120. Residual R 283 L 287. 1-day post-op, 6/9 both. 1-week R 6/12 L 6/9. 1-month R 6/18p L 6/12 with manifest: R plano/-1.25 L plano/-1.00. Told to wait 3mth. Went to optometrist at 6wk, tested R -1.25/-0.75 L -1.00/-0.50. Doc said flunctation is normal. Suggested possible ASA at 3mth review. What's going on? Is ASA LASEK over SMILE safe for me?

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