Why am I getting an ache & a blood rushing into my boobs feeling especially when I'm laying down?

Hi, I am 12 days post op. This is my 2nd BA 15 years apart from my first. I have gone up 135cc in size from 290 - 425cc. I had a lot of scar tissue surrounding my left implant but I'm getting a feeling of a lot of blood rushing into my boobs if I lay down. I still sleep propped up but occasionally I slide down the pillows overnight. I'm also getting an ache in both breasts after waking up from a sleep. Is that normal? Thank you in advance :)

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I have no idea.  You need to be examined in person to determine what is happening to you.  See your PS please.

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Secondary breast surgery

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Hi there

It is quite normal to get a variety of sensations after any surgery but especially breast surgery. This is often magnified during secondary procedures.

It is important to rest and take things easy. Make sure you are eating well and drinking plenty of fluid too.

With regards to the pain after sleep - people tend to move around in their sleep more than they think and I am sure what you are experiencing is quite normal

Do discuss your feelings with your surgeon at follow up and I am sure they will reassure you.

Good luck!

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