Uneven Face After Facial Trauma?

I had an motor vehicle accident 6months ago where injured my maxilla bone. The doctor said there's no need of any treatment as it will heal on its own. 6months have passed and I feel my face is uneven(Right side is different from the left and right is kinda bigger and fatter). I visited my doctor and he said I am perfectly fine but I feel the shape is uneven and this is bothering me a lot.

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Contour Issues After Facial Trauma

Your contour concerns after trauma may be secondary to scar tissue from the injury.  I would allow a full year to elapse prior to making any determination. If your concerns still persists, revisit with your PS about facial contouring solutions.

Dr. ES

Uneven face

Some asymmetry in the face is acceptable. Major asymmetry after maxillary trauma(Fracture) may be corrected with fat grafts and or implants.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Facial asymmetry

This is not uncommon after facial trauma even after repair. The periostium that lines bones is often disrupted which can take up to a year to heal. After a year, it is appropriate to intervene with fillers, implants, or osteoplasty. Hang in there and wait for this. If you intervene too early you can be left with opposing asymmetry.

John C. Ferguson, MD
Honolulu Facial Plastic Surgeon
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