Maxilla Fracture Healing Time?

I am a 16 year old male. I had an accident on 24th june where I got a fracture on my face(maxillary). Doctors said I may need a maxillofacial surgery but a week later they said there's no need of any surgery as the fracture will heal on its own.. A month later I noticed the right side of my face swelling and when I visited my doctor he said its the tissue fluids reacting to the fractured bone and it will take 2-6months to heal. 5months are alredy over and my face is still not back to normal :(

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The body takes time to heal. I tell patient's scars continue to change and mature over 9-12 months, however swelling should be resolved in 6 months. You did not post a picture, but how much difference is there truly? You have suffered a broken bone, even if you had undergone surgery there is no guarantee there would not have been a difference. Wait the 6 months and if it still concerns you talk about it with your doctor.

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