Uneven Ear Lobes?

Six months after having two small holes closed up in each ear, my right ear lobe because is still oddly shaped. The asymetrical results were immediately visible post procedure. I asked the surgeon to revise it and he absolutely refused it. He closed up my ears, did a brow lift and a lower face lift within a time span of 2.5 hours, which seems ridiculously fast. Doesn't he have a duty to his patient to make things right? I am not ready to accept defeat, any suggestions would be great.

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Unhappy With Ear Lobe Surgery Results?

I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after the ear lobe  surgery. Assuming you are working with a board-certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon, best to communicate your concerns again in a calm/constructive fashion. Most plastic surgeons work hard to achieve their patient's goals;  hopefully, working together you will be able to do so.  Otherwise, you will need to seek second opinion consultations in person.

 Best wishes.

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Dissatisfaction with earlobe result

It is important for you to recognize that your ears may not have been symmetrical to begin with and also that the splits may have been different (or the original holes placed in slightly different places on the ears) to begin with. That said, most of us want to have satisfied patients and, if possible, will revise results within a reasonable time at no additional surgical fee.  If you are dissatisfied and your surgeon is not willing to perform a revision, please seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Asymmetric Earlobes

Depending on how the torn or large earlobe hole was closed, it can cause pointy earlobes. If this happened to you then a revision is needed.   Brow lift, and face lift is 4-5 hours plus surgery. The question to you is how did you choose your plastic surgeon? all issues and revision should have been discussed before the surgery.After the surgery is too late.  Is he a board certified plastic surgeon by the American board of plastic surgery? If you are happy with the face and brow then do not be upset about the earlobes they can be repaired.

Samir Shureih, MD
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