undetermined deflation

My boyfriend bit my breast so hard that it is badly bruised, I had my implant done a little over a month ago and it was more of a reconstruction so I feel it would be hard to decipher if it has deflated or if thats even possible by a bite 

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Implant deflation

I assume you had  saline implants inserted.  A deflated implant is usually pretty  obvious, but if you're not sure, see your Plastic Surgeon.  Overall saline implants are quite durable and it's unlikely that biting your nipple would cause a deflation, unless your boyfriend has really long and sharp teeth.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Implant trauma

If you have saline implants the deflation would be very obvious right away.  If you have silicone implants you may not know if the implant was injured.  Depending of the amount of tissue thickness the implant was probably not involved with the bite.  Make sure to watch yourself for infection.

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon
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