Can a Ruptured Implant Under the Muscle Cause Heart Flutters ?

Since my left implant ruptured, occasionally I feel my heart flutter or beat erratically. Also, the implant seems to shift in the pocket, causing me frequent pain and discomfort. I often have to sleep in an underwire bra to keep it from shifting around at night. It seems like the fluttering happens during the pain and discomfort of the shifting and it is scary when it happens. Is this even possible?

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Heart Flutters Unlikely Related to Ruptured Breast Implant

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A ruptured breast implant should be removedy . However Heart Flutters are something that should be investigated. Certainly pain can increase your heart rate as well as anxiety and both could precipitate extra heart beats. Your primary doctor needs to evaluate you. You will likely have an EKG and a Halter Monitor so that the extra beats during  your flutter can be evaluated.

Other than pain and anxiety I cannot think of anything related to your ruptured implant that could alter your heart rate.

Heart fluttering and ruptured implants

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it is extremely unlikely that the  heart fluttering and the ruptured implants are related.  You should definitely get both checked out.  The heart stuff should be investigated first.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Ruptured implants

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Heart fluttering and breast implants are not typically related. I would reccomend that you contact your primary doctor to get your heart checked out asap. Ruptured implants should be replaced or removed but this is not an emergency like a heart problem could be. Gettting your heart checked out is the first step to getting medical clearance to have surgery to replace your implants. Best of luck, Dr. Kerr

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