Is Ultrashape the Same As the Home Based Treatment Cavislim?

is the home based cavislim as effective as ultrashape and is the specifications of the machine similar

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Home treatments vs In clinic

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It's common to ask if we can do something at home rather than in the clinic, cost and time are both a factor.  Ultrashpe treatments are very different than the home based versions.  Home based products are not as powerful so you will not see results as quickly as you will with in clinic treatments.  Home based products will also not create as dramatic a final results as an in office procedure will.  That's not to say there is no place for at home use products.  I like to recommend them as maintainance treatments.  I always say - no matter what you do, surgical or non-surgical, you need to maintain those results with treatments designed at fighting off the aging process.  At home use prodcuts are perfect for that.

Complete your in clinic treatments and then use your home device to maintain your results.

Dr. Mulholland

SpaMedica, Toronto, Canada

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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UltraShape Much Different than Cavislim

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The short answer is NO they are not the same !

Low frequency ultrasound such as the Cavislim device at 40KHz at the same power setting (Wattage) should have different effects on fat than a higher frequency machine such as the UltraShape device operating at 200 +/- 30 KHz. The power is an independent factor as is the focal length for focused ultrasound energy.

The bottom line is that although these devices are labeled as non-invasive the ones that are most effective such as the UltraShape are a Class 2 medical device and are only administered by a RN, MD, PA, or DO in California and many other states. Problems and complications are possible if used not as directed or by the non-trained.

UltraShape body contour

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At home treatments are not as effective as UltraShape body contour.  The results from UltraShape are permanent as long as the individual maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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