Could ULTHERAPY Follow-up Maintenance Visits Cost About $1,000 Every Year?

Generally, it seems that a full effect from the initial visit takes 3 months and that the effect may last one year. Afterwards, yearly maintenance visits are highly likely. What happens if ultherapy falls out of demand (obsolete) and not replaced? Could that situation have a patient wish they never got involved in the 1st place?

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Ultherapy maintenance therapy

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I have done Ultherapy since 2011 and have done hundreds with great outcome. I started seeing patients for 'touch up' or maintenance treatments 3 years after I started. So, yearly treatments are NOT necessary. 

Please appreciate the fact that technology is ever evolving and better procedures may replace Ultherapy in the future, so that does not mean that you should not get the best procedure for nonsurgical skin tightening on the market today - Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is not going away anytime soon. The company is always improving its product and getting new FDA clearances for new indications. It is a very uique company in that regard. They spend a lot of money on product development and research. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

You're not burning your bridges with ultherapy facial skin tightening lifting

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Ultherapy uses focal ultrasound to help the facial skin tighten and lift. Full effect may take six or more months for some people to realize. Usually the results I see do not vanish at 1 year but persist. that doesn't preclude performing a second treatmetn at a year should someone wish further benefit. Should a facelift or a different non surgical technique be considered in the future, the previous use of Ultherapy would not have caused a problem.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ulthera could be repeated to maintain effect

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While the effects of Ultherapy seem to last about a year, it more like setting the aging clock back. Given the pace of technological improvements, it is not likely that there will ever be a single technology that isn't eventually replaced with something new. However, focused ultrasound like Ulthera and Liposonix is a fairly new technology and seems likely to be around for a while.

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Ultherapy Maintenance

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Thank you for your question. Ultherapy is an excellent option for skin tightening and rejuvenation, and does generally last for a year's time. Even if Ultherapy were to fall out of demand, it is likely that a new treatment would be introduced that you could benefit from. Therefore, this should not discourage you from receiving the treatment in the first place, as I have seen excellent results at my practice.

Ultherapy Maintenance

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Peak results of Ultherapy are anywhere from 3-6 months and results last around two years.  Of course every person is different but with the new treatment protocol of more lines, you should expect even better results that the first release of Ulthera.  From talking to a lot of the researchers, they are moving to new body indications so it is unlikely it will be obsolete.  They are going to take body tightening to a new level.




Dr. Liu

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