Can I Have Ultherapy After Chemo?

Hi, I had breast cancer and finished 6 month of chemo about 2 weeks ago. I'm starting 2 month radiation in 2 weeks. Is it safe to have ultheray now? or should I wait it's all done? Thank you.

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Wait until after radiation

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No! It is best to wait for at least 3 months after the completion of radiation therapy. And do not use Ultherapy in the affected areas, so don't use it on the chest region. Chemotherapy affects the way the body heals itself and it is best to give your body some time to heal before having Ultherapy. You have a better chance of achieving the desired results if you wait until after radiation.

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Ultherapy after chemo for breast cancer

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Some chemotherapies may interfere wtih not only defenses against infection, but may change the way in which you produce collagen from inflammation. The effect of chemotherapy may linger for a while. In this case, you might be ruining your investment in Ulthera as you depend for six months after the facial rejuvenation lifting procedure to have your body produce more collagen. The radiation treatment to the breast might not interfere wtih collagen production of the face but as the body's immune system is extremely complex and is affected by stress and trauma, you might choose to protect your investment in Ultherapy by waiting for a while after the radiation therapy. If you do choose to have the Ultherapy a week before the radiation, which would be three weeks after chemo, you still might obtain a good result, but if you're concerned about wasting money, then wait as above.

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Ultherapy after chemotherapy

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I'm glad you finished your chemo.  Chemotherapy does suppress the immune system and impairs your body's ability to heal.  Radiation does impact the body's ability to heal, but is much more directed at the target tissue area.  As you have finished your chemotherapy, the tissues in the face should be able to heal much more than if you were in between your chemo cycles.  Since the face will also be outside the radiation field, I would say that you can do Ultherapy.  Good Luck!

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Radiation therapy can cause lymphedema and result in more tissue swelling in the neck with Ultherapy

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Congrtulations on finsihing chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is another important treatment that you will need to complete before getting Ultherapy. Chemotherapy will reduce your immune response for a while and may affect your body's response to healing, collagen deposition ...

Radiation therapy, although in the breast and axilla may affect lymphatic tissue and cause more than usual
tissue fluid retention in the neck - so I would wait 6 months after completing RT to get Ultherapy. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

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