Ulthera Side Effects

Is it a common side effect to have welts with lines and a temporary rash after receiving Ulthera? Some say it can last a week.

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Ultherapy side effects

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Most commonly, patients experience mild redness and mild soreness in the areas treated after Ultherapy.  Uncommonly, patients can experience swelling and bruising but this is a small percentage of patients.  Patients who have skin sensitivies or think they have sensitive skin can develp welting / hives after treatment but resolves in 1-2 weeks with conservative over the counter remedies.  

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Ulthera Side Effects

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It is not uncommon to experience swelling for a few days to weeks following the procedure. Tingling, soreness and tenderness to touch for a few days or weeks following the procedure are not uncommon and a normal part of the healing process. You can return to normal activity directly after the procedure.

Small areas of bruising, welts or numbness are also a normal side effect of this procedure and will resolve in a matter of days to weeks.

Side effects of Ultherapy

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Although not common, patients do occasionally get minor welts after Ultherapy. This occurs when the transducer targets the skin at a more superficial level than intended. Fortunately, these are only temporary and resolve after a few days.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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Droopy Mouth and Welts after Ulthera

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We see welts in 30-40% of our patients after Ulthera, especially under the chin. This is related to higher energies and # of lines we use, as well as patient skin factors. It is not a complication.These last 5 -7 days and usually are not too noticeable. The occurrence of droopy mouth and droopy smile occurs in ~ 1 % of our patients and will clear in 4-5 weeks. This occurs because of muscular swelling as well as nerve inflammation (neuropraxia) of the marginal mandibular nerve (located along jawline). Although troubling, this condition always improves, but not always in 1 -2 weeks as others may report.

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Ultherapy side effects

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In experienced hands side effects are limited to occasional swelling and bruising.

Bruising is limited by using 1.5 mm transducers near the corners of the mouth and upper marionette lines.

Nerve related injury near the corners of the mouth is avoided by reducing energy levels when patiens give immediate feedback of stinging or tingling near the jaw and corners of the mouth and above the eyebrows. 

Ultherapy is focused high intensity ultrasound using B mode diagnostic imaging to ensure delivery of the ultrasound energy into the predetermined depths of tissue - skin (1.5 mm and 3 mm) and SMAS layer (4.5 mm).

Read the Ultherapy book on the link below.

We have performed Ultherapy since 2011 in hundreds of patients with high satisfaction rates.

Ulthera Side Effects

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Welts can be a rare occurrence post Ulthera treatment, but if it does happen, it usually last a few hours to a couple of days. There is no way of knowing whether or not you are specifically at risk for having welts occur, but it is a risk. If you ever have any post treatment concerns about any treatment, it is important that you contact your physician immediately.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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Post-Procedure - Ultherapy

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It is not uncommon to have minor welts; however, you should definitely visit your provider with any post-procedure concerns.  Your post-op visits should be included with the price of your treatment.

Ultherapy side effects

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When used on the eyebrows, Ultherapy can cause sensory changes for the first several weeks. These include a tingling feeling and feeling of numbness as well as a feeling of shooting pains when the area above the brows is touched. These side effects usually resolve within the first month.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Ulthera Side Effects

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Hi Mrs. Kitty,

How is Chester and Mr. Dillion (Gunsmoke reference)? 

It is not common to have welts with lines after Ulthera treatment.  This occaisionally may occur.  It results poor or improper contact of the transducer with the skin, or from repeated energy placed in the same spot.  Fortunately the welts respond very well to ice, and usually disappear within 10 to 20 minutes.  The longest that I have heard welts lasting is about 1-2 days.  The lines are the "lines" from the individual Ulthera pulses.  The skin may be red for an hour or two after treatment, but we have not seen any rashes in our practice. 

The only other side effects of Ulthera that I am aware of are temporary muscle weakness around the mouth, the longest that I have heard it lasting was about 3 weeks, and I have seen one burn in a patient treated elsewhere.  The burn was a line on the cheek that eventually healed without a significant scar.  As with all aesthetic treatments, be sure to choose your treating physician most carefully.  See video reference below!

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Welts can occur under two conditions...

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1.  The Ulthera transducer is placed against the skin.  A cool gel is placed between the transducer head and the skin which helps transmit the sound waves through the skin.  If the patient moves to the point that the transducer head is lifted from the skin and the gel-transducer contact is violated introducing air between the transducer and the skin than the ultrasound waves are focused more superficially and a welt can occur.  It may also result in a small ulceration very rarely, based on some of the complications posted on RealSelf.  In my practice and having performed over 350 treatments, we have not had any such complication (ulcerations).

2.  The transducer actually contains water, which is the medium that transmits the sound waves through a thin plastic membrane, though the gel and subsequently into the deeper tissues of the skin.  In treating under the jaw line the physician or technician must be careful not to turn the transducer upside down.  There is a small amount of air in the ultrasound transducer head, and if bubbles accumulate between the plastic membrane and the ultrasound dome (the dome moves back in forth on a plastic arm and the 10-20 pinpoint treatment points are fired along the movement of the dome back and forth) then a misfire can occur, again focusing the sound waves more superficially causing a welt.

Curt Samlaska, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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