Can I Find an Experienced Surgeon in the USA to Do BBL for $4-$5k?

I am searching for a Surgeon who can do BBL and offer multiple packages for patients like myself who will be travelling from abroad. I have almost given hope in Europe for BBL!

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Brazilian Buttlift for $4000 to $5000

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    The customary charge is anywhere from $6500 to $12000.   Find the plastic surgeon with best credentials who has performed hundreds of these procedures.  You do not want to have to do this twice or fix something done the first time.

Cheap Brazilian Butt Lift

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Unlikely.  If you find someone willing to do it for that price, check their credentials.  Look for a board certified plastic surgeon, that way you can be assured that the person is reputable.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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There are many options, just check the credentials beforehand

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Hi Glamour, thank you for your question. I don't know the prices of the procedures in the US, as I practice in Dominican Republic. But it is important to let you know, that there are qualified plastic surgeons practicing all over the world. If you are willing to do medical tourism, then I recommend that you do your homework beforehand, and seek advice from a certified plastic surgeon before committing to surgery.


If your plastic surgeon is a member of its national plastic surgery society, and International Associations as IPRAS, or ISAPS, then you can rest assured that he/she has received proper training to practice plastic surgery.


Good luck!

Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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BBL for $4000-5000?

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Unfortunately, you will be hard pressed to find a board certified plastic surgeon who will perform a BBL for 4-5k.  Honestly, if you do, I would run the other way. This would be an extremely low price and experienced surgeons will be charging close to double that price.

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