Best Type of Lipo for Saddlebags and Loose Skin?

I'm 44 and have saddlebags and big thighs, big and slightly droopy inner thighs. I do not exercise or lift weights (when I did it seemed to improve but very far from being ideal). I have cellulite and bulgy bumps (or loose skin? If you pull with hands skin smoothes out). There are so many types of lipo out there, what would the best type be for my case? I'm ok on top but my thigh at biggest spot is about 30 inches and my saddlebag at its biggest spot is approx 48 inches. I'm 5'2'. Thanks

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Trying to tighten skin after liposuction

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Skin tightening is still a very elusive problem.  Liposuction is like removing air from a balloon.  When the air of the balloon is removed the skin of the balloon will have to shrink down to accommodate the new volume.  It it does not then you have loose skin.  SmartLipo is an attempt to tighten the skin but it is not as reliable as we would prefer and I would not promise a patient that it has any advantage over standard liposuction.  

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Liposuction, saddle bags, loose skin, smart laser liposuction, loose skin

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In my experience, smart laser liposuction is best for loose skin and saddlebag areas. However, see a person with years of experience for best results

Barry Lycka, MD - Account Suspended
Edmonton Dermatologic Surgeon

Liposuction of any type does not tighten loose skin.

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Having used three different types of laser assisted liposuction as well as ultrasonically assisted liposuction I can assure you that no modality significantly tighten skin if it tightens it even at all.

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What's the best type of liposuction for saddlebags and loose skin?

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Liposuction is great for contouring but it's not the best to do if you have loose skin.  You  must be conservative with liposuction to your inner thighs where your skin is already loose because it could become worse, giving you an entirely new problem, hanging skin.  Best bet is to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and have a physical exam and perhaps ask about smartlipo/laser lipo to see if it could improve (not take away) the looseness of your skin.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

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