How Much Does It Typically Cost to Repair a Bottom out for One Breast?

I had my BA surgery 3 months ago and I noticed before the first month that my right breast dropped even lower than the left one. The nipple is higher too. I had under the muscle silicone 375 implants. I have a stinging pain at the crease on my right breast and constantly have to pull on my bra to ease the pain (its still there without wearing a bra too). I spent all my savings to get the surgery done and now Im wondering how much it will cost to fix the rt breast bottoming out.

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Depends on surgeon

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Payment policies are different for each surgeon, so you would have to ask your surgeon about the specific costs related to your revision surgery. You may be offered a discount that can be covered by financing. 

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Revision Pricing

The surgical fees will vary widely across the country.  If you still trust and have a good relationship with your surgeon, then he/she tends to be best and most cost effective source to start with.  As with an initial surgery, visiting 2-3 surgeons for a revision is reasonable.

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How Much Does It Typically Cost to Repair a Bottom out for One Breast?

To some degree, it probably depends on who repairs it, where, and what is used. Local capsulorrhapy procedures can be quite inexpensive whereas procedures using acellular dermal matrix under general anesthesia in a hospital setting may be prohibtiive

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Breast augmentation revision

The fee for revision really depends upon what you need.  Sometimes a surgeon may only have you pay for the facility to have the surgery done.

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Revision after breast augmentation

If there is persistent asymmetry between the breasts after breast augmentation, it may be necessary to perform a surgical revision to correct the problem. Sometimes there may be small changes that occur in implant position even after 3 months post-operatively. If you are not satisfied with the results of your surgery, you should first discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. He/she may be able to offer a reduced rate on subsequent surgery or waive the fee altogether.

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