Pain on the Side of Breast(and at the Juncture of Armpit)

it has been three years since my breast implant surgery.i had the under the muscle left breast has always seemed to move around alot and i feel it.the doctor said that is just the pocket size it is in from the surgery.however on the side of my breast were my arm pit is the muscle seems like a hard knot and hurts...i have had mamograms that are ok and my obgyn says it is propably scar tissue from the stress of getting the implants under the muscle...what do you think?

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Pain by armpit

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Pain by the armpit at three years post surgey can be many different things, including but not limited to scar tissue, infection, irritation, to name a few.  Close vigilance of problems is key .


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With a normal mammogram and close follow up by your physician, I believe you can be reassured about their recommendations for close observation.

Pain after breast implants

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Breast augmentation is surgery and any surgery may result in some degree of discomfort or pain afterwards. When the implants are placed under the muscle the procedure is often more painful than if the implants are under the breast. Usually this will resolve over the course of several weeks. Your plastic surgeon should be able to assess if your situation is due to a condition such as capsular contraction, where abnormal scar tissue develops, and whether any intervention is indicated.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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