My corneal thickness is 490 micron and I have -9.00d myopia. Which refractive surgery is possible for me? (Photo)

My cornea 490micron and -9.00d myopia . Which refractive surgery possible for me

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Phakic IOL or Surface laser (PRK/LASEK/Epi-LASIK)

With your level of myopia and cornea thickness, LASIK is not an option, as there is not enough room to create a LASIK flap and the treat your cornea with laser.  Therefore, your two options would be a phakic IOL or surface laser.  The Phakic IOL provides outstanding quality of vision, but is more expensive than PRK due to the fact that the procedure is typically performed in the operating room of a surgery center, while PRK (And LASIK) can be performed in a laser center.  PRK is of course an excellent option, assuming that you have normal topography and the laser being used would leave sufficient cornea after the procedure (each laser in the US removes different levels of corneal tissue when treating a -9.0 refraction.
   Obviously, not all patients are candidates for phakic IOLs, and you would need to see your own doctor to determine if you are eligible.
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Dr. Dello Rusdo responds:
  For me, whenever possible I favor bladeless ( all-laser )  LASIK. This subject is not a go-ahead for LASIK at any other office. 

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