Treatment for Large Upper Canine Biting into my Lower Lip? (photo)

I have enlarged canines. The one on upper jaw right is particularly large and has pushed the next incisor in. I have been living with that for 50 years - but recently I have been biting into my lower lip causing ruptures frequently. I am enclosing a close up for reference. Advise appreciated.

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Large canines...

 The best option for you will be to straighten your teeth with clear braces (Invisalign) of braces with an orthodontist. This will help with the aligment and will help tremendously with biting into your lip. The size of your canine is fine , the angle of the tooth because is misaligned will make it look big. Your dentist can also smooth it down so it does not look so pointed,but it is a permanent adjustment and with ortho you will have better end results. 

Fairfax Dentist

Sharp edges can be filed.


Actually your canines arent enlarged, they just seem that way because of the alignment of your teeth.

In any case, the easiest solution to your problem is to ask your dentist to shave the sharp edge.  Its very simple and will just take a few seconds. 

You could also straighten your teeth with braces or invisalign.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Alper


Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist
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Recontour tooth to solve problem

Easiest way to correct this is to have the tooth recontoured. This can be a frustratign problem for sure. Wish you the best.

Marielaina Perrone, DDS
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Large Upper Canine Biting Into Lower Lip

A very simple and quick solution would be for your dentist to cosmetically contour the tip of the canine to remove the sharp point. The more ideal solution, obviously, would be orthodontics to restore the proper arch form of all your teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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