BBL 9 days post opp lower back pain and numbness, How long does the pain last?

I had a BBL 9 days ago and I'm healing very well my only serious problem is I am experiencing alot of pain and numbness in my lower back.. Any idea when this pain will go away ? or anything I can do to help with the pain ? can this be because I have had an epideral when having my child ?

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Pain and numbness to lower back after BBL

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Dear Vixenn416,

The lower back area is heavily liposuctioned in order do make a nice curve to this area and accentuate the buttocks. It is very common for the area to be numb (lack any sensation to pain) and then regain sensation over the next few weeks.  As it regains the sensation you can experience some burning and tingling as the nerves recover.  You should definitely let your plastic surgeon know about your symptoms. it is likely not associated with your history of an epidural.  Hope this helps. 

BBL and back numbness

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Sometimes the lower back becomes numb after the procedure as a result of harvesting fat in the area. If concerned speak with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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BBL 9 days post op lower back pain and numbness, How long does the pain last?

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Hello Vixenn416,

Thank you for the question.

The brazilian butt lift is a very common procedure and one of the most painful areas is the lower back do to the liposuction perform in the area to create the arch. Follow up with your surgeon.

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Because of the liquid used during surgery and the fact that it's combined with lidocaine numbness can be expected to last for quite some time after the procedure. If you're truly worried, then contact you board certified plastic surgeon for a follow-up appointment.

Thank you for your question!

BBL 9 days post opp lower back pain and numbness, How long does the pain last?

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It is quite common for BBL patients to experience pain or numbness in the lower back. It should subside within the next few weeks but if you are concerned, talk to your plastic surgeon about it. It most likely is not connected with the epidural you had. 

Pain and numbness after body contouring

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Every patient has a different recovery experience. Numbness and discomfort in your lower back after fat grafting and liposuction can be common. It should resolve over the next several weeks. Please make your plastic surgeon aware of your complaints. Best wishes. Earl Stephenson Jr. M.D. DDS FACS

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