Very Tired Still 2 1/2 Months Post Op when I Am Normally Quite Active. He Removed 2700 Cc's. Is This Somewhat Normal?

To add i am usually physically active and have energy but just wondering if i may be simply one of those taking longer to reover than most? I am usually never this tired and i have been ever since surgery

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Still tired 2 1/2 months after surgery.

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Thank you for your question. Usually patients 2 1/2 months after surgery have their pre-operative energy levels back to normal. However, there are patients who can take a little longer so this should not be too alarming.  I would suggest talking further to your surgeon to ensure that you are healing normally and are not suffering from any other underlying causes such as anemia etc.  

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Tired months after liposuction

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I agree with the other doctors - while surgery definitely takes a toll, and you might be fatigued based on lack of exercise, changes in diet, and the healing process,  at 10 weeks usually patients are feeling pretty close to their normal state.   I would recommend talking to your plastic surgeon and your primary care doctor!

Tired After Liposuction

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It is normal to feel tired for a few weeks after surgey, and sometimes it does take a few months to feel completely normal. It is unusual to be very tired two and a half months after 2700 cc's of liposuction if you were very active before your surgery. It can happen, and it can be normal, but at this time I would encourage you to see you primary doctor. All surgery is a form of stress, and it may be that you are taking alittle longer to recover; however, sometimes the stress will reveal an underlying problem. Either way, now is a good time to get checked out.

Joseph Mele, MD
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Very Tired Still 2 1/2 Months Post Op when I Am Normally Quite Active. He Removed 2700 Cc's. Is This Somewhat Normal?

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Best to see your Primary Care doc for a blood count to see if you are anemic. Have you discussed with your surgeon this issue? 

Persistent fatigue 10 weeks after moderate liposuction

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Most, though not all patients will have recouped their preoperative energy level well before 10 weeks postoperatively from liposuction. Your lack of energy may be related to anemia from surgery particularly if combined with a relatively low hematocrit in general. It could also be related to deficiencies in your diet postoperatively, lack of exercise, weight gain, hormonal changes as well as other issues. In concurrence with the other plastic surgeons, you should inform your plastic surgeon about your situation as well as strongly consider being evaluated by your internist. It may even be a simple solution.

Good luck!

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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You should be back to yourself within a month of surgery

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You did not have a very large liposuction procedure, so 2.5 months out, you should be back to your normal activities. Do you have baseline medical issues? Thyroid disease? Hormonal imbalance? Nutritional deficiency? You should think about getting checked out by your physician.

Michele A. Shermak, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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