Tiny White Bump on Eye Ball and Eye is Bloodshot, is This Normal? (photo)

I have been Using latisse for 3 weeks now. My right eye has started to get slightly uncomfortable. There is a tiny white dot (maybe raised, I cant tell) on my eye ball itself on the outside of where my eye coloring starts and the white part of the eye has started to become bloodshot around that area. Sometimes I feel a pressure or sensation that something is in my eye. Slightly itchy. gets worse when eye feels dry. Should I be worried about my eye?

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Eye Concerns and Latisse

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   Any concerns with vision or changes with the eye should merit evaluation by an ophthalmologist and discontinuation of the product.

White bump and bloodshot eye...from Latisse?

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Thank you for the photos. Some people do experience irritation from Latisse, but it's usually on the skin itself, not the eyeball. The reason is because Latisse should only be applied to the top lash line. I am assuming you are not applying it into your eye! I would first recommend you stop using the Latisse for several days and see if the irritation stops. If it does, you know it's either the product, or the way you're applying it. If the irritation and bump persists, I'd recommend a visit to an eye doctor for an evaluation.

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