Can I Get a Three Inch Increase Through Fat Transfer to Breast?

Female 5'5 160 lb. I would like to add three-four inches of volume all over my breast through fat transfer. I've contacted a few surgeons offices, and they said that this could be obtained, but with multiple surgeries. I know that often two cup sizes can be obtained, so if i come in for two of these surgeries, would it be possible? Or would I have to come in for 3 surgeries, for 3 inches? Could 3-4 inches ever be possible through fat transfer technique?

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Fat Transfer to the Breast

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Fat grafting can be performed to augment the breasts.  Multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.  It is best to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon so options can be discussed.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Can Fat Injections to the Breasts Survive Without Brava

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Sounds like a 3  to 4 cup size increase. Most fat transfer to the breast accomplish about a cup size increase, and not necessarily is all retained, 

Count on needing 3 to 4 sessions, and considerable more expense than for implants.All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Large Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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There is no question that such a desired volumetric breast size increase with fat transfer is going to require more than one treatment session. It is just a question of how many and I suspect it will be at least two and very likely three injection sessions. This raises the next questions of whether you have enough fat to have multiple harvests and what is the existing tightness of your overlying breast skin and how much native breast volume do you have. Trying to achieve a 3 inch breast size increase based on the answer to these previous questions may or may not be possible.

It is possible but it depends

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It will definately require more than one operation. We have a specific case on our site where a patient had a total bilateral mastectomy and she went from nothing to a D cup. She required 3 sessions. You should also think about how will the surgeon keep all that fat alive. Squeezing that much fat into a tight area will make for a lot of fat loss. That is why we use BRAVA which creates the space and blood vessels necessary to keep the fat alive. We have a diagram that answers the common question how big can you go with fat transfer and BRAVA.I encourage you to take a look at it.

Fat transfer for breast.

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Hello and thanks for posting. It might be possible for you to achieve this type of volume increase, but it will most likely require multiple operations. There are some very experienced surgeons in these techniques and you will likely need to travel as well. On the other hand, a reliable and predictable way to achieve a certain cup size is in using breast implants. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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